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Why Won't Hulu Air An Ad By A Rape Survivor?

This week Hulu refused to air an ad by a rape survivor opposing Colorado’s Amendment 67. Amendment 67 would ban abortion, emergency contraception, and common forms of birth control. Now there is a campaign to demand that #HuluLetHerSpeak and run the rape survivor’s story.

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Abortion would be illegal in all instances, even cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Many common forms of birth control, including the IUD and emergency contraception, would be illegal.

The No on 67 campaign submitted an ad from a rape survivor asking people to oppose Amendment 67. Hulu has declined to run the ad. Hulu claims they don't run ads that "advocate a controversial political or other public position."

Here is the request sent by the No on 67 campaign to Hulu asking them to reconsider their decision not to air the campaign's ad:


Here is the ad from a rape survivor Hulu is refusing to run.

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Hey Hulu, it's 2014. It's OK to talk about ladyparts, including abortion. Because women are under constant attack and the only way they can fight back is if they talk about it.

Want to learn more about Colorado's terrible Amendment 67? Here are some links:

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