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11 Insanely Useful Things Every Parent Needs When Their Kids Are Home Poorly

Help your kids bounce back to normal with these little tips and tricks.

1. Soothe a sore throat with homemade ice lollies.

2. Use a lap tray to keep your kids crafty without leaving the couch...

3. ...or stock up on good old-fashioned colouring books.

4. Help them nod off with audiobooks of their favourite stories.

5. Build a blanket fort together.

6. Dig up old photos and make a scrapbook together.

7. Make staying hydrated fun with crazy straws...

8. ...or a personalised mug that changes colour.

9. Ease congestion and create your own steam room...

10. ...or run a lukewarm bath and go fishing.

11. Let them scribble away on the window with washable markers.

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