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11 “Highly Scientific*” Ways To Check Whether Your Kid Is Feeling Better

Embrace the power of science and remember: The CALPOL® range of products are here to help your child bounce back to their same old self!

1. Shout “sweets!”, then time how long it takes your child to run down the stairs.

2. Is your kid performing a roly-poly in the hallway for no apparent reason?

3. Stand outside their bedroom and play the ice cream chime loudly on your mobile phone.

4. Treat your kid to pizza for dinner and observe patiently. Did they eat the crusts without complaining?

5. Visit a local playground and insist on being the first to have a go on a swings.

6. Slow down in your family car as you approach a drive-thru. Is your child begging you to go?

7. Play a classic game of “How long can you sit still for?”.

8. Offer your child an advance on their pocket money if they tidy their bedroom.

9. Run ahead and jump in that enormous puddle.

10. Tell your child they can stay up past their bedtime tonight as a special treat.

11. Sit down together in front of the TV to watch their favourite cartoon.

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Calpol Infant Suspension contains paracetamol. For pain and fever. Always read the label.

*CALPOL® would like to remind mums and dads that the above statements are not evidence-based, clinically proven, or in any way scientific facts. But we think they probably ring true regardless, wouldn’t you say?