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14 Faces You’ll Only Recognize When Your Child Is Teething

"Are we supposed to let the baby chew on that?"

1. The "I Don't Care if It's 5am and You're Sleeping; My Mouth Hurts So Bad Right Now" Face

2. The "Will I Ever Sleep Again?" Face

3. The "Ah, the First Chew of the Day!" Face

4. The "Looking Up Online If We're Supposed to Let Them Chew That" Face

5. The "I've Just Found a New Toy to Chew On and I've Never Been So Content" Face

6. The "Why Did the Baby Have to Make My Smartphone Its Latest Chew Toy?" Face

7. The "If I Can't Find a Dummy, Your Hand Will Have to Do" Face

8. The "I Didn't Know Those Tiny Teeth Could Hurt So Bad, But They Really, Really Do" Face

9. The "I Can Be an Adorable Bundle of Drool, Dribble, and Joy When I Want to Be" Face

10. The "Awww, That's SO Cute! But Please Don't Get Any More Drool on My Work Shirt" Face

11. The "Please Don't Let My Baby Be Too Cranky From Teething to Eat Today" Face

12. The "You Know I'm Going to Get at Least 46% of My Food All Over Both of Us, Right?" Face

13. The "I'm All Tuckered Out From a Long Day of Crying and Chewing" Face

14. The "Finally, Some Well-Deserved Peace and Quiet...Until the Baby Gets Up Again" Face

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