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What Is Valentines Day Actually About?

A brief article on what should actually happen on the 14th of February and how new trends have changed things.

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Chocolates or Roses? or Perhaps a trip to Paris?


What is the 14th of February actually about? Do we really know if 100 red roses are out of the question? Well many women believe that after a full year of cleaning up after their men.

With the mother on a night out leaving the father with the child for that once in a lifetime opportunity of freedom. Kindly reminding their partner to tidy up after themselves for them coming in, they still come home to leftovers and toys everywhere for her to stand on her way to bed. Yes I think they deserve a bit of special treatment on just this one day. But what may that special treatment be?

Sure, it gives the men the opportunity to show their appreciation and how much we care about you, whether it be methods of affection, smother you with chocolate covered gifts and roses. But to many people, it's just another method of sipping champagne on a weekday and a commercialised expensive gift that we'd rather buy perhaps for your birthday?

Are the gifts really to prove you care, to show your affection and please your girlfriend or to please the eyes of those viewing her Instagram feed? A venture to Paris on a "love lock" mission to lock a padlock round a bridge to symbolise their love. Although it does sound good, some beg to differ and some may say the man should be treated on Valentine's as well. Well the truth, is that if we have completed our job as boyfriends throughout the year, then there is no need for the special spotlight on the girl. A shared moment, perhaps steer away from the script of Valentine's day however, keeping some of that cheesy stuff in the process, would make a much more special day. What would you choose as your Valentine's day gift for him or her?

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