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15 Times A Little Bit Of Power Changed Everything

Power. Is. Everything. So, get ready. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is here.

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1. When this cat taught that dog who's boss:

2. When this dog made that swimmer train a little harder:

3. When this kid used his gangly arms for the forces of good:

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Super cute.

4. When this squirrel kept that panda in check:

5. When this man suffered from death by puppies:

6. When this dog shocked the world with its fashion:

7. When these ants showed that centipede who's boss:

8. This guard dog who has a lot of guts to take on Batman:

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9. When this benevolent bird bestowed treats unto those dogs:

10. This woman who should have just let that man exit the subway:

11. When this dog took advantage of those other dogs' obedience:

12. When this brother just tried to help:

13. When this dog killed it with only two of its four legs:

14. When this escalator got a little carried away with its lift:

15. Finally, this watermelon catapult that had a little too much power for its own good:

A little bit of power is all you need to change the game completely. Get ready for it in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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