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The Definitive Ranking Of "Call Of Duty" Killstreak Rewards

As the game evolves, so do the Killstreaks. Take a look back at some of the best rewards to date and get pumped for the all-new ways to blow stuff up in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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10. Guard Dog

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Everyone loves a dog, especially if you're camping. Man's best friend can be particularly useful, but also very annoying.

9. Sentry Gun

Sentry guns are a CoD classic. They're effective and always seem to give a greater sense of security than is probably deserved.

8. Support Squadmate

These friendlies add to your Killstreak and pick up ammo/vests for you. They are super sweet if used in a timely manner.

7. Maniac

Knife > bullet (classic CoD). Maniac is fun as butts, though.

6. Valkyrie Rockets

This is a great anti-aircraft Killstreak. But, also, who wouldn't want to be in the POV of a missile?

5. Helo Pilot

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Once you get in a helicopter, it gets easier to start picking off some of the campsites that've been taken over.

4. Gryphon

Basically a tank in the sky. This is one of the nicest aircrafts to control and can be super rough to get rid of.

3. Attack Dogs

These bad boys take on the map with one-bite kills. They get the number-two spot because you can't shoot them down from the sky and, again, because everyone loves a dog.

2. Stealth Bomber

This throwback isn't always the easiest to manage. But it's super powerful if you can direct the line of fire in the right way.

1. Tactical Nuke

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Get ready for all the new Killstreak Rewards in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Nov. 4.

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