9 New "Call Of Duty" Gadgets We Wish We Had In Real Life

Because there is a lot of utility to this battle equipment… beyond battle. Check out all the cool stuff we wish we could get our hands on in the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer.

1. exoskeleton suit


Pool parties would be so much better if you could super jump, hover in midair, then dive into the perfect cannonball.

2. This Helmet


This would be the perfect crab boil hammer. You just slip down your visor and smash your forehead down on a crab. Instant dinner.

3. Optic Camoflauge

Who wouldn’t want this?! I mean, when you’re invisible, any beach can be a nude beach.

4. Magnet Gloves


These gloves would absolutely insure that you don’t drop any cans by accident. But, you’d still be able to drop them on purpose! For dramatic effect.

5. Hoverbike


Let’s get real: This bike can fly. Which means you could fly. Like an eagle. This bike would turn you into an eagle!


These bad boys look heavy-duty enough to carry a few rounds of paintballs. And we all know that there’s nothing you can’t do with paintball drones.

7. This Awesome Mech

There’s also pretty much nothing you can’t do with this much mech. Or those two American flags backing you. Can you say “one-man firework spectacular?”

8. Threat Grenade


[Throws it at a BBQ to see if people have gotten wild yet; starts an impromptu rave that confirms that the BBQ has gotten wild.]

9. Spider Tank


Spider Tank is destined to be the most epic mobile water park ever. Crawl this big guy down the street and bless the cul-de-sac with fun. Because that’s what tanks are all about, right? Spraying your neighbors with water.

Check out the all-new gadgets here:

All Images Courtesy of Activision

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