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The 15 Emotional Stages Of A Job Interview

"What's your biggest weakness?" I'm...lactose intolerant?

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1. You find out you scored that ever-elusive job interview and you're all


All of that resume fluffing did the trick!

2. You call your mom to let her know and she's just so happy she can hardly contain herself.


*happy tears*

3. You're on Cloud 9, but then you realize you have to sell yourself to HR and you're just like

4. You start going through your closet to find something professional...

5. ...And everything is either too big, too small, or too *ahem* inappropriate.

6. You start to panic, because you don't want HR to judge you for your wardrobe choices!

7. But it's okay. You manage to find something. OFF TO THE INTERVIEW!

8. You arrive, and you're told to sit with all of the other people who are interviewing for the same position, and they're all like

9. After a gruesome wait, your name is called and you take the walk of shame past all of your competitors into the interview room. You can feel all of them staring at you with blind hatred.

10. You sit down, and immediately you're all

11. You start to answer all of your interviewer's questions, trying to be charming.



12. They ask you why you should be the one they hire, and you give them a smart, well-rehearsed answer. But really, you're just like

13. And just like that, it's over. You thank them for their time, leave the building, and you're all

14. Of course, you can't forget the thank-you note! It has to be polite, witty, gracious, but most importantly, state the following:

15. And remember, even if it doesn't work out the way you'd hoped:

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