14 Manicures To Brighten Up Your Valentine’s Day

Put down the chocolate and pick up the nail file. Then pick up the chocolate after everything dries.

1. This Candy Hearts Manicure

It’s all the fun of candy hearts without the horrifying feeling of chewing on pastel-colored chalk. Win-win.

2. These Nail Polish Strips

Because no dry time means more candy time.

3. This Medically-Accurate Manicure

For those of us who take the whole “heart” thing more literally.

4. This In-Your-Face Sparkle

For those of us who don’t get easily distracted by our manicures.

5. This Water-Marble Masterpiece

6. This Subtle Color-Play

Because not all of us have the time/energy/attention span for water-marbling.

7. This Tuxedo-Inspired Color Scheme

Sometimes red, pink, and white can be a little overplayed, no?

8. This 3-D Excitement

Not recommended for any semblance of manual labor.

9. These Adorable Smiling Hearts

Even if your Valentine sucks, at least your nails are happy to be with you!

10. This Fun Little Surprise

Who doesn’t love a classic red lip?

11. This Nail-Borne Message

Cards are boring.

12. This Neon Nail Party

In case your plans for Valentine’s Day include going to a rave or eating chocolate under a blacklight.

13. This Ombre Magnificence

Why pick one color when you can have three? Bonus points for the confetti.

14. And last, but certainly not least, for the true Valentine’s Day lover

Go big or go home, right?

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