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Mayim Bialik, From The New Show "Call Me Kat," Presents The 12 Days Of Katmas

Some people experience the holiday season as a time of lights and joy. If you're like Kat from the new show Call Me Kat and you're single, not so graceful socially, and just quit being a math professor to open a cat cafe, this year it's more like a twinkly gauntlet! Here are Kat’s 12 days of….Katmas.

On the first day of Katmas, you hop on a family video call and witness your cousin’s quarantine haircut.

On the second day of Katmas, you disappoint your mother with your life choices. Oh wait, that’s every day.

On the third day, you begin to regret that decision to craft all of your holiday gifts this year.

On the fourth day, you start adding alcohol to your coffee. It helps.

On the fifth day of Katmas, you may feel the need for a little holiday glamour, but heed these words: no...home...perm.

On the sixth day, you find out it’s harder to be around people again than you thought. Your social skills are a tad rusty.

On the seventh day, you're grateful there's no company holiday party this year, saving you from inevitable dancing. You may dance like no one's watching — but they would have been, and they would have filmed it too.

On the eighth day of Katmas, you try to figure out how to accidentally run into your crush in a responsible, socially distant way.

On the ninth day, baked goods. The true meaning of comfort and joy this year.

On the tenth day, you realize that when it comes to love, you may be a gift — but this is the year of no-contact delivery.

On the eleventh day, remember it's called karaoke when you’re singing in front of a crowd. When you’re at home and it’s 12:30 a.m., it’s called disturbing the peace.

And on the twelfth day of Katmas, find joy in the best relationship you've ever had: your cat. You'll never disappoint them with your life choices, but if they ever finally sit on your lap, get comfortable — because you’re never moving again.

Then, once you've successfully navigated the holidays, watch the series premiere of Call Me Kat on 1/3 after the NFL, then catch all new episodes Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox.

All images courtesy of Fox and Getty.