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    I Just Finished The Gossip Girl Finale And I Have Some Questions

    And yes, a couple of them are about that Gossip Girl reveal.

    I realize I'm very late to the party, but I just finished the Gossip Girl finale and after six seasons, I've got some questions.

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    I did take a large break in the middle, so most of the stuff I remember is from seasons 5 and 6 (which were probably the most bizarre seasons, so they're enough to fuel a ton of questions). Of course, I don't expect a teen drama show to prioritize logic and consistency, but after this six season investment I think I'm allowed to question some things. So here we go! (Spoilers below).

    1) How was Dan Gossip Girl?

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    In theory, it makes sense- he hates the Upper East side yet simultaneously is desperate to be a part of it, and Gossip Girl is the perfect vessel to satisfy both those feelings. But in practice, there are a lot of moments when it couldn't have been him. There are scenes of him visibly reacting to blasts while alone, as well as scenes in which a blast goes out about something that's happening at the moment, yet he's not on/near his phone. Furthermore, Gossip Girl posts things that Dan wants to keep secret, and is needlessly cruel to his friends and family, especially his sister (who he claims knew about it and used it for popularity, yet oftentimes she's visibly upset about the posts and they hurt her popularity). I know Dan proved he was capable of simultaneously loving and hurting someone in the final season with his exposé, but he wasn't always like that and I find it hard to believe that he would post mean things about Serena in the beginning of the show back when he was an innocent Brooklyn boy and love-obsessed puppy dog.

    2) Speaking of Dan, why was everyone so quick to forgive him?

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    Other than for Blair, nobody seemed to be bothered with him being Gossip Girl. He exposed their secrets, consistently made their lives difficult, hurt their relationships, blackmailed some of them, and even caused Chuck and Blair's car accident... Yet everyone was okay with it? He was literally collecting dirt on them under the pretense of friendship and nobody thought that was a major deal. How did they not question every interaction they've ever had with him?

    3) And why did Serena marry Dan?

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    Dan led her into a relationship solely to get material for his scathing exposé on her, humiliated her in front of her friends and family, and basically exploited every insecurity she had about herself and every negative thing people said about her for some fame. Then he wrote one nice article about her, gave some pathetic justification about how he was just "trying to fit into her world," claimed he always loved her, and that somehow made up for all of the horrible things he did? And on top of all that, he was Gossip Girl. Don't get me wrong, Serena did some terrible things too, but she never as hurtful to Dan the way he was to her. Seriously, Dan was next level toxic and she still married him.

    4) Why weren't there two Gossip Girls?

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    This seems like the only way the Gossip Girl reveal could have made sense and also not have been too easy to guess. Characters like Eric, Jenny, and Dorota would have made far more sense than Dan as Gossip Girl, but they also wouldn't have been surprising enough; having two people run Gossip Girl could have been both surprising and logical. Instead, it seems like they decided to go for shock value with logic being an afterthought. They could have had Dan start the site and then take on Dorota as a partner, or maybe have Eric create the site and then take on Dan anonymously to help manage it. Either way, it would explain all of the holes in the "Dan as Gossip Girl" plot, while still retaining the shock value.

    5) Why did Lily dump Rufus and go back to Bart so quickly?

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    Yes, she and Rufus were having some marital problems, but they loved each other and had been through so much together. Not to mention, Bart was awful to Lily and she had feelings for Rufus throughout their marriage. Even if she wanted to divorce Rufus, why did she jump back into a marriage with Bart within two seconds of his resurrection?

    6) Why was everyone so quick to believe Bart's reason for faking his death?

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    Bart claimed that he had to fake his death because someone was threatening his (and his family's) life. But Bart had an insane amount of resources, wealth, and power- how did nobody question his sudden inability to confront this "threat?" And how come it wasn't a major red flag when Chuck was able to do what Bart couldn't?

    7) Since the real reason for Bart's disappearance wasn't resolved, why was he able to re-enter into society?

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    We find out later that his real reason for going into hiding was because of some illegal oil dealings. Everyone else thinks it's because some guy is threatening his life, and when Chuck handles that Bart seamlessly reappears into his old life. But since that wasn't the real reason, why was he able to come out of hiding? Was the guy who allegedly was threatening Bart involved in the oil dealings, and his going to jail was the key to Bart's reappearance? Or did Bart just decide to take his chances and hope everything was covered sufficiently? Am I overthinking a convoluted storyline in a teen drama? Probably.

    8) What was the deal with Chuck's real mom?

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    Was his real mom Elizabeth or was she lying? Did we ever figure out why she abandoned Chuck? I know Chuck said that Bart paid/forced her to stay away, but why? Did she have an affair with Jack? Did he just hate her? Did she want to leave? This was such a major storyline at one point but it was never fully completed.

    9) Why does everyone think Chuck and Blair were perfect for each other?

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    While many people do point out their (namely Chuck's) relationship faults, a lot of people think that Chuck and Blair were perfect for each other by the end of the series. I won't deny that Chuck became a better person over the course of the show, but his "love" for Blair never seemed to overcome his desire for power. He consistently prioritized his ambitions over their relationship. Near the end of season 6 he refused to be with her because she accomplished his goal and he didn't. He could never be satisfied with Blair until all of his needs were met first. And that's supposed to be true love? Just because he's not sexually assaulting underaged girls at parties anymore doesn't mean he's a good boyfriend.

    10) Why did nobody care about how Serena treated her cousin (Lola)?

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    This goes back to season 5 but it's bugged me ever since I finished that storyline. If you need a recap, Serena had a short stint as Gossip Girl. She decided she didn't want to be the Upper East Side "It Girl" anymore so she used Gossip Girl to help make Lola take her place, without Lola's consent (this involved exposing her in lingerie in public). Then she got jealous when Lola kept getting attention, so she used Gossip Girl to badmouth her and ruin her audition. Lola figured out Serena was Gossip Girl and then accidentally hurt Chuck in her effort to expose Serena, which made Serena extremely self-righteous. She pretty much never made amends for her behavior and acted like Lola was the bad guy all along. When Lola was willing to forgive her and move on, Serena acted like she was the victim. Everyone always cared about how Serena felt, and nobody seemed to care about how she abused and manipulated her own family member and never made up for it. Good thing Lola got out of that toxic neighborhood and family.

    11) Honestly, why did anyone want to be friends with Serena, Dan, and/or Chuck?

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    Seriously, these three were kind of the worst? Sure, Blair could be awful, but she always had her limits, cared for her friends, and rarely targeted them unless she was the victim first. And Nate pretty much just did his own thing. Serena, Dan, and Chuck, on the other hand, essentially had no limits when it came to hurting the people they loved and consistently prioritized themselves. They always made up for it with apologies and love-filled words, but their negative acts outnumbered the positive. Honestly, they all need a trip to wherever Little J was sent off.

    12) Why did Lily and William get back together?

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    They had several problems during their marriage- he was an absent father, he had an affair with her sister (resulting in a child that is both Lily's niece and step-daughter) and he only reappeared when Cece's finances were being debated. He claimed he wanted Lily back, but why now? And why did Lily accept after everything he did? Couldn't she have stayed single for some time?

    13) What was the relationship between Georgina and Philip? / Via

    Was he her husband? Boyfriend? Nanny with benefits? How did Georgina convince him to pretty much solely raise her child while she was out scheming? Why was he so content with being what was essentially a servant?

    14) Why do they all stay in the Upper East Side?

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    The neighborhood is super toxic and almost destroyed a bunch of their relationships, both romantic and platonic. But in the 5 year time jump, everyone is still there. Do Blair and Chuck really want to raise their kid in a world that thrives off of bullying and hurting others? Do Serena and Dan want to live in the area that was the source of 90% of their arguments? Eric left and seems super healthy, and Ivy and Lola are killing it far from the Upper East side. Some of these characters should really consider moving...

    15) And finally, did any of the characters finish college?

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    Not that any of them really need an education, considering the enormous amount of wealth, connections, and privilege they had. But still, they spent a while applying to schools and freaking out over college. Did any of them actually finish? I would at least expect Dan, with his average old Brooklyn roots, to see college through.

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