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    Here Are All (or A Lot) Of The Disturbing Things Shane Has Said And Done

    Warning- it's all very, very, bad.

    As you may have heard, Shane Dawson is currently being called out for his history of racism, transphobia, and pedophilia.

    He made an apology video addressing some of his actions, but it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of his controversial past.

    Below is a list of several of his disturbing actions and comments. Trigger warning- this content includes references to rape, child molestation, animal abuse, and pedophilia.

    Note- many of the videos featuring his behavior are being removed from Youtube (which is one reason I decided to compile everything I could find here). At the time of this posting, all of the links are valid.

    Disturbing (and criminal) things Shane Dawson has said/done:

    Created a character ("Shananay") based on black woman stereotypes:

    He referred to the character as "ghetto" and used what he labelled as a "ghetto" voice. He also profited off "Shananay" merchandise until recently. Link here.

    Did blackface and used the n-word:

    All in the name of comedy, of course? You can see a recap of his apology here.

    Used a transphobic slur in a music video:

    The lyrics go "I can't believe it, that girl's so sexy. Are you crazy? I think that's a tranny." You can view the clip in this video (it starts at 0:58).

    Tweeted this:

    "first Blackish, now abc is making 'fresh off the boat'? I can't wait for 'the wetbacks'. dear lord." Just some casual racism mixed with bad grammar.

    Followed by this:

    "&no shade to Blacish. I like that show. I'm just sayin the network is gettin a little 2 obvious in their 'let's get all the races!' plan." In other words, a white man complains about minorities being represented on television.

    Made predatory comments toward his young female cousin:

    In one clip he tells his cousin Lucy (who is definitely underage at the time) to "shake her titties" and asks her to "eat a cocktail weenie" because there are a lot of "child molesters" watching. He also mocks an Asian accent while she eats the cocktail weenie. You can see the clip at the beginning of this video.

    Questioned that cousin about sex and her period for a video:

    Shane Dawson and his (now ex) girlfriend Lisa Schwartz spoke with Lucy (who reveals she is age 12 at the time) about sex. The footage is from around 2012, which means Dawson was about 23 and Schwartz was about 29 at the time. The clip involves Lisa emulating sex with a Peeps marshmallow at Shane's encouragement and asking Lucy to re-enact it. Shane then questions her about whether she's gotten her period yet and instructs her to say no if her boyfriend wants to "put it in." They also joke about oral sex. You can view it in this video. Schwartz recently apologized for the clip.

    Made predatory comments during a video chat with young female fans:

    Some of the things he said to them include "big breasts and vaginas dripping with magic" and "smell your dicks." You can see the clip in this video (it begins at 0:41).

    Joked about a baby that had been raped to death.

    He did this on his podcast titled "Shane and Friends" with a woman who appears to be his co-host (Jessica Buttafuoco). The audio is very disturbing, but if you want to check it out for yourself you can find it in this video (it begins at 1:16).

    Called a 6 year old girl's Instagram "sexy" and justified pedophilia:

    He likened pedophilia and "jerking off" to babies to "foot fetishes." He also admitted to googling child porn (emphasizing it was an experiment where he pretended to be a pedophile?) and referred to "naked babies" as "sexy." You can view the clip here (begins at 2:13).

    Described a torture fantasy in graphic detail:

    On his podcast, he described a desire to torture a woman who had been hating on him. He described ripping out her tongue and fingernails, then chewing on the remaining fingers. While he did not name the woman, many people have deduced that he was talking about Franschesca Ramsey, a woman who repeatedly called Shane out for his problematic behavior. Shane went out of his way to emphasize that he was not talking about her in his recent apology video. You can hear the audio here (starts at 4:38).

    Sexualized an underage Willow Smith:

    A clip circulated which featured Dawson pretending to masturbate to a poster of Willow Smith while saying "whip your hair back and forth." Both Willow's mother and brother called Shane out for it. You can view an article about it here.

    Shared a story about having sex with his cat:

    He vehemently denied this later and claimed that it was all a joke. The tweet: "I didn't f*ck my cat, I didn't c*m on my cat. I didn't put my d*ck anywhere near my cat. I've never done anything weird with my cats..." You can read more about this here.

    Joked about Trayvon Martin's death:

    Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, was unjustly murdered by George Zimmerman at the age of 17. Shane Dawson made light of his death as a part of a game called the "talking sh*t challenge" (presumably a game where you pull a name out of a hat and insult that person). You can see the clip here.

    Joked about the Holocaust:

    Again, this was part of a game. He played charades (or a similar game) with youtuber Rebecca Black, and had her act out the Holocaust for him to guess. Black later apologized for this- you can see the apology here.

    Asked presumably underage fans to twerk for him on Omegle:

    While his mother was there... You can see the clip here.

    Sexualized Justin Bieber when he was 16 years old:

    "(viewer orgy question) if justin beiber was a porn star, what would his name be?"

    Discussed molesting other children as a child:

    He emphasizes that he was 8 years old at the time and didn't realize that what he did was wrong until he got older and reflected back on it. He also revealed that some parents banned their children from playing with him. You can hear the disturbing audio clip here. He discussed this on the Alison Rosen podcast (who is pictured with Shane above).

    And finally, just many creepy comments directed toward young female fans in general:

    This list would probably never end if I tried to list every single thing I discovered when researching, but here's a twitter thread by "Without a Crystal Ball" that shares a ton of clips and stories. Some of the most shocking ones include Shane "joking" about raping a bunch of girls wearing his merchandise, commenting on a young fan's "tits," and talking to fans about his penis.

    There's also the recent alleged drama involving Tati Westbrook and James Charles.

    Disclaimer- unlike the other things on this list, there is no proof of this (yet). Tati Westbrook, a beauty youtuber, claimed that Shane Dawson and beauty guru Jeffree Star manipulated her into (possibly) falsely accusing James Charles of sexual assault. She also claimed that Shane Dawson told her that James Charles was "too narcissistic" to commit suicide. You can watch her video here, or read a recap of the drama here.

    Note- this list only includes things that I have found on the Internet. It is probable that there are several things that I have not discovered that are consequently not on this list.

    Shane Dawson is currently bleeding subscribers, and his channel (which has over 20 million subscribers) has been temporarily demonetized. At the time of this posting, it remains unclear whether or not he plans to leave the Youtube platform.

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