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callmekarina123 3 months ago

F#%k, Marry, Kill: Grey's Anatomy Edition

Would you do the McNasty with McDreamy, or would you run him over with a semi?

callmekarina123 4 months ago

The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" Any "Parks And Recreation" Fan Will Play

Would you rather get caught stealing Ron's bacon or keying Donna's Mercedes?

callmekarina123 4 months ago
callmekarina123 4 months ago
callmekarina123 7 months ago
callmekarina123 9 months ago

Can You Survive Riverdale?

You've just moved to Riverdale and are ready to get involved in all sorts of adventures with Archie and the gang! The problem is, you might not make it out alive....

callmekarina123 10 months ago

Can You Escape A Serial Killer's House?

You've woken up in the house of a serial killer hell-bent on murdering you. Do you have what it takes to escape, or will you be his next victim?

callmekarina123 One year ago

Can You Guess Which Of These "Harry Potter" Cast Members Is The Oldest?

Can you pull a Hermione and get it right on your first turn?

callmekarina123 One year ago

A Definitive List Of Everything Wrong With "Harry Potter And The Cursed Child"

The release of what has been labelled as the eighth installment of the Harry Potter series was a controversial move-- the epilogue of the "Deathly Hallows" wrapped up the series in a blanket that perfectly balanced the need for closure and the satisfaction of leaving things up to the imagination of the reader, and the addition of an eighth book had the potential to upset this balance... And that's exactly what it did. "The Cursed Child" has its moments, but altogether it reads more like an ambitious fan fiction than as a member of the biggest series in the world. Filled with plot holes and contrasts with the original series that has prompted readers to treat it as an individual, non-canon story, "The Cursed Child" distorts the original characters we've grown to love while simultaneously introducing bizarre concepts to the Harry Potter universe. Without further ado, are some of the more disappointing aspects "The Cursed Child."

callmekarina123 One year ago

Can You Survive In The "Harry Potter" World And Defeat Voldemort?

Will you make it to the end and slay the Dark Lord, or will you die before you can get to the end of Philosopher's Stone?

callmekarina123 2 years ago

Which TV Character Would You Rather NOT Have As An Enemy?

It's time to pick your television nemesis.

callmekarina123 2 years ago

It's Just A Number: The Struggle With Social Media

That little number on your screen matters less than you think.

callmekarina123 2 years ago