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    • callier

      I’m the only girl on my family, aside form my mother. And she was never much of a makeup person, rather very natural. So I never got much makeup intel outside of her recollection of outdated 80s MaryKay tutorials. From my father, I inherited fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows. So as a teen, I started to get really self conscious about them, but I was too pussy to try and tweeze them. First I used a razor and just shaved off about an inch from each end, because I thought my main problem was they were too long. My family gave me all sorts of looks and let me know I definitely did that wrong. Literally I could have had little black electrical tape rectangles as eyebrows and it would have looked no different. But being fuzzy caterpillars, they came back just fine. So the second time, I used another damn razor, because I hadn’t learned my lesson, and shaved them from the tops until they were nice and thin. Well, let me tell you, tiny eyebrows not centered on a 4-5 finger forehead wasn’t a better look for me.

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