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    • Calleighconose

      I realize that this article is reeeeeally old but seriously?! This article is biased and shows ONE person’s taste which is obviously in specific older musicians and groups. One of many problems with it is that solo acts are put up against groups and almost none of the comparisons are even from the same genre or a similar genre. Every single artist in that list is an artist by their own right. Even Justin Bieber. I don’t like more than like three of his songs but he’s an artist who started solo at like eleven I think (I’m not exactly a fan so sorry if I don’t know the debut facts). There is a wide variety of music that I like and strings of notes that I don’t consider music but I don’t down on it just because I don’t like it. Music is different now that it used to be just as the world is. No one has the right to down on anyone who works on what they do. I’m completely ashamed that someone who actually grouped Creed, Nickelback, and The Eagles as “cut and paste rock” even exists at all. Granted, it is an opinion, but I shudder to think what musical tastes this person and people like him entertain when they can’t appreciate at least The Eagles. Creed and Nickelback I don’t agree with but I can understand since they’re generally a hit or a miss, but The Eagles?! The last thing in my rant is pretty simply put: A) You can’t truly lump any musicians together because they’re individuals. I wouldn’t say that “all people in my generation can’t appreciate real music because they listen to stuff I wouldn’t wipe myself with” for two reasons, one it isn’t true and two it lumps everyone together in a world where you have to fight to be an individual. And B) it doesn’t matter how many records or albums or awards are credited to someone. As others on this thread have said, what matters is the music itself and everyone has different tastes. That’s why there are so many artists and genres to begin with.

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