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    Things You Could Do That You'd Still Be My Best Friend After

    Ain't no mountain high enough... This is a long list of things that Pippa could do that I'd still respect, love, and be hyped to be friends with her after.

    Kill a man

    Jerk probably deserved it anyway. I'd advocate for your rights in prison (sorry, I'd still believe in the justice system, unless you wanted help hiding the body in which case shhhh this never happened) and we'd start a huge movement.

    Refuse to Eat Anything But Blue Food

    Hate All People Whose Names Start with "G"

    Only Downvote Posts on Yik Yak

    Make me do your hair every morning (even if we're not living together)

    Tell Me That I Smelled Like Rotten Eggs

    You Could Hate Shakespeare

    You Could Stop Showering For Tibet

    You Could Move to the Most Inaccessible Place On Earth

    You Could Start a Fire in NQ

    So basically...