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11 People Share Lottery Dreams That Are Too Wholesome To Handle

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3. Support Listening Progress


"My grandma is still as sharp as she ever was at the ripe ol' age of 94. Her memory is completely intact. She is remarkably healthy. She lives alone in her own house and still goes out to do all the things she used to, albeit with the help of my mom, who drives her around. All that aside, she can't hear at all anymore. Like, I have to shout-talk to her, and that has a 30% success rate. If I won the lottery, I'd use it to get her the best hearing aids on the market and then use the rest to fund any and all hearing-related research."

—Tyler, 26

4. House Some Sweet-Looking Pets


"I'd finally buy some bearded dragons, build them a Mad Max–style desert habitat with the best heat lamps, sand, and cars to climb upon, and buy supplies to make them little costumes as well."

—Mandy, 24

5. Savor Living *Playfully*


"I'd buy a small space for a theatre and live above that theatre and just enjoy becoming an old man who lives above a small theatre and gets to watch plays every night instead of TV."

—Jason, 27

6. Offer School, Lunch, and Ponies


"I would rent bouncy houses for underprivileged children and also PONY rides because who doesn't like that? Oh, and of course there would be an ice cream truck there and unlimited pizza. Then the kids would all get full college scholarships because education is the best gift of all. (Even though ponies are a close second.)"

—Emily, 22

7. Promote a Serene Literary Paradise


"I'd build a reading theme park. This no-talking-allowed bibliophile haven would have every perfect reading environment imaginable — soft couches with blankets, trees to lean against, giant beds, etc. Some areas of the park would have soothing music, while others would be silent; cat and dog companions would roam the grounds; and instead of the usual theme park concessions, here we'd serve anything that pairs well with books, including tea, coffee, milk, scones, chocolate, and apple slices. The selection of titles would be limitless, and of course, admission would be free."

—Hannah, 30

8. Throw a Sentimental Love Party


"My parents eloped 45 years ago when they were 20 and 21. They may have been super-young hippies at the time (my mom got married in legit go-go boots), but apparently they knew what they were doing: Against all odds, they're still together and their marriage is an inspiration. Despite how romantic I think their elopement story is, my mom always fantasized about having a 'real' wedding someday (or at least a vow renewal in an Elvis chapel) and never did. If I won the lottery, I'd throw them the biggest vow renewal and honeymoon I could — obviously at Graceland."

—Heather, 28

9. Sooth Lemur Pain


"I would rescue every disabled animal on the planet, ESPECIALLY LEMURS, and buy a one-million-acre state in Amarillo, Texas, or maybe Cambodia with equipment that suits every one of their disabilities and a very qualified team of animal medics to always take care of them, and I would also provide them with an endless supply of the world's finest animals foods and treats so they all live the best lives they've ever lived."

—Leslie, 24

10. Get a Car for Your Speed-Lacking Parents

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"Before they had kids, my parents had an amazing British racing green MGB GT. When they drove me home from the hospital, they realized it was time to adult up and trade it in for a more kid-friendly ~practical~ car. If I won the lottery, I'd buy and restore the exact same car for them to enjoy in their wild retiree life. I'd also fill it with chocolate."

—Tyrell, 33

11. Surprise Lucky Puppies


"I'd buy a bunch of beach balls, Frisbees, doggie life jackets, lil' umbrellas, doggie ice cream cones, and a giant bus so I could take a bunch of dogs from a shelter to have an ultimate day at the beach! All dogs deserve to play and frolic in the sun and sand! They can swim and play in the water for the first time, or if they are like me and don't enjoy cold water, they can dig holes in the sand, take a snooze in the sun, or chase seagulls!"

—Alex, 24

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