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11 People Share Lottery Dreams That Are Too Wholesome To Handle

What Super Lovingly Pure way would you spend your lottery $$$? Discover your SLP with SuperLotto Plus® from the California Lottery.

1. Give Super-Lucky People Their Best Day Ever

2. Sponsor Light-Projection Technology

3. Support Listening Progress

4. House Some Sweet-Looking Pets

5. Savor Living *Playfully*

6. Offer School, Lunch, and Ponies

7. Promote a Serene Literary Paradise

8. Throw a Sentimental Love Party

9. Sooth Lemur Pain

10. Get a Car for Your Speed-Lacking Parents

11. Surprise Lucky Puppies

Such Lovely Priorities. Seize Life’s Potential by making Six Lucky Picks and playing SuperLotto Plus® from the California Lottery. Buy five and get one free until March 31.