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15 Moments Every Water Lover Has

It's all about that H2O.

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1. When you're so thirsty but you know you're about to drink some water.

NBC Universal

It's really happening!

2. When a waiter or waitress asks you if you'd like some more water.

E! Online

Did you even need to ask? You should know me better than that.

3. When you have some ice cubes to make your new glass of water extra cold.


yes yes YES YES YES YES!!!

4. When you take a sip of what you think is some water, and it turns out to be something else like sparkling water...

Gramercy Pictures / Via tumblr

That's just not me.

5. When you get jealous of freshwater fish because of their 24/7 access to the good stuff.

headlikeanorange / Via tumblr

They don't even appreciate what they have!!!

6. When someone calls water "boring" or "plain."

paramount pictures

Just no.

7. When you're watering your plants and you can't help but steal a sip.

reddit user WassDogg304 / Via reddit

Sorry not sorry.

8. When a guest asks "Can I have a glass of water?" and you lie and say you don't have any more water.


You have to do what you have to do in order to protect what's rightfully yours.

9. When your significant other asks why you spent over a thousand dollars on Nalgene bottles over the past year.


I don't have to explain myself to you.

10. When you hear that Jesus turning water into wine was considered a "miracle."

mysteryofthewholeworld / Via Tumblr

To me that sounds more like a tragedy!!!

11. When an employee at your favorite water park tells you that it's unhealthy to drink the water from the rides.

memeguy / Via Reddit user theonedollarbill

Just watch me.

12. When you finish taking a bath and know exactly how you're going to drain the tub.

hawleyal / Via Reddit

Let's put it this way: You're going to use your mouth.

13. When your company softball friends are reticent to name your team "The Water."


I don't care if I'm not on the team — I'm right!

14. When you first learn about drowning.

NBC Universal / Via Reddit user plowshare

Too much water? No such thing.

15. When your psychologist suggests you may suffer from psychogenic polydipsia and recommends curbing your fluid intake in order to avoid cardiac arrest due to low sodium content in your bloodstream.

He just doesn't get it.

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