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    This Best-Selling DNA Kit JUST Went On Sale For Your Last-Minute Gifting Needs

    Can I really be blamed if my craving for coffee is IN MY GENES?!?

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    Listen up, procrastinators! Are you, like me, struggling to figure out what to get for your friends and family in time for the holidays?

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    Of course you are. Well, HAVE NO FEAR, my dear stressed-out friends. I present to you the answer to our prayers: this DNA kit from 23andMe. And it's currently 30% off on Amazon!!

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    You've probably heard the hype about 23andMe, and for good reason: The kit gives anyone an extra-thorough analysis of their genetics and family history. Just mail in a saliva sample and you'll get your results delivered in six to eight weeks (and possibly even sooner).

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    And don't worry — while it might seem gross to produce a lot of spit, people have said there's actually not *that* much required. Maybe just don't do it in public or at your desk while looking your coworker in the eye?

    And that's it! Once your results are ready, you'll get an in-depth report to help you discover tons of cool stuff about your ancestry — like your ancestors' migration patterns, and even even how many Neanderthal variants (!!) you have compared to other people.

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    Your genetic echoes can affect some of your traits, but unfortunately it still doesn't give you a pass for drawing on walls when you were a kid.

    You'll be able to see your ancestry timeline and discover just how far back the bits and pieces that you're made of originate. It's basically the most universal conversation starter for anyone's family during holiday gatherings so you'll never run into awkward pauses again (you're welcome).

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    You'll also find out if you share the same ancestors as ~royalty~ or famous criminals. Who knows, you might even be the next heir to the throne of Genovia. What are you waiting for, they need you out there!


    "Everyone should do this test and participate in the added research. I was amazed how accurate the ancestry was and how many DNA relatives it located for me. —Amazon Customer

    One reason people love this test is that along with all of this ancestry info, 23andMe will send you genetic health risk and carrier status reports for various diseases and conditions. (While it's great for getting a better idea of what to look out for, keep in mind that it *doesn't* diagnose you for them! Reach out to a healthcare professional for medical advice for any concerns or questions.)


    "Buying this test was the best money I have ever spent in my entire life. The knowledge they give you is incredible. I wish everyone had a chance to know and understand their DNA. I just ordered kits for three family members. Anytime I see any study in the news about genetics and how they found this gene associated with this disease, etc., I can log in to 23andMe, pull up my data, and see if I carry that mutation or not. So geeky, but soooo cool." —Jess

    It also provides wellness reports about traits ranging from your caffeine consumption to your genetic weight to your sleep habits. Now you can finally justify all your spending at Starbucks. Can you really be blamed if your craving for coffee is IN YOUR GENES?!?

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    "I found the wellness reports interesting. One thing it told me was that I was likely lactose intolerant — this is something I suspected about myself, but I have never been diagnosed. (I believe I have a mild case.) There is also information on how you react to low-fat diets as well as details about sleep." —Dr. Beth

    And LASTLY, you also get trait reports that measure everything from the thickness of your hair to mosquito-bite frequency to fear of heights to misophonia (hatred of the sound of chewing) to whether you might need more singing lessons than the average person.

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    Unfortunately, procrastination habits aren't included so we can't use it to justify our late holiday shopping. That'll have to remain a mystery for now, but at least we'll know how likely we are to enjoy asparagus as much as the next person!

    Alright Caleb, is this the real deal? you may be asking. Well, 1,600+ people have left glowing reviews for the DNA kit, saying that not only has it helped them learn about their ancestry, but also discover family members they didn't know about before (!!!):

    23andMe / Via

    "Just six months into researching my father's DNA, I found my grandfather's family and figured out who he really was. I wanted to ensure that my information was correct and so I contacted the daughters of the man I believed to be my grandfather's brother and offered to test them both. Their test results confirmed they were indeed our first cousins. I have since been in contact with close and distant family via this newly discovered paternal side and even obtained a copy of my grandfather's family surname book. His absence was even recorded in the book! I solved an 83-year mystery and gained a family I longed my entire life to know about. I cannot be more thankful that these tests are available and that it gives us such ability to solve things that seem impossible." —Coastal Girl

    "Found out my husband of 35 years is my sixth cousin, eeew!!!!!! No lie! Now I spend my days trying to figure out the link. We bought two of these and he did it as well. He found out he is a descendant of Lewis, as in Lewis and Clark! He met a cool cousin he never knew he had (other than me, lol)." —Marty and Patty

    So whether you want to get this for a distant relative (they definitely have DNA), picky in-laws (they also have DNA), or even just for yourself (one sec...yes, I have good news and I can confirm you too have DNA), there's no one you can't gift this to. Now, go relax since you've got your ace-in-the-hole gift for any lucky recipient (or maybe don't relax if it turns out you unknowingly married your cousin). Happy holidays!

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    Get it from Amazon for $139. (There's also a cheaper version available for just the ancestry service that's $67.99.)

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