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    Cake Masters Around The World In 40 Cakes

    40 talented artists, 40 awesome cakes, one amazing trip around the world!

    1. Las Vegas, USA

    Emma Ball - Richards Cakes / Via

    Editor Rosie of Cake Masters magazine, hand picked 40 of the best cake artists from around the world take us on a journey like no other before...a journey in cake!

    Inspired by landmarks, cultures, mountains, oceans, festivals and personal experiences, this has to be one of the biggest cake projects with such a cohesive travel theme!

    The cakes that have been created for this feature are truly breathtaking – far beyond our expectations!

    With the UK gripped with Great British Bake Off fever, each and every cake we have in our "Around the World in 40 Cakes" feature are the true definition of show-stoppers!

    All that is left to say is, please ensure your seat belt is securely fastened, your seat back and tray table are in their full upright and locked position, get ready to take off on a trip around the world LIKE NO OTHER!

    2. San Francisco, USA

    Jennifer DeGuzman-Rolfe, Jen's Just Desserts / Via

    3. Hawaii, USA

    Kristen Erich, Bliss Pastry / Via

    4. Washington, USA

    Tracy Hicks, The Cookie Connoisseur / Via

    5. Mexico - ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ or ‘Day of the Dead’ Festival

    Tracey Rothwell, Little Cherry Cake Company / Via

    6. Cuzco (located in the Andes Mountains), Peru

    Karla Chumpitaz Butron, Swee K (Italy) / Via

    7. Morocco

    Nylah Ackbarally, Nylah's / Via

    8. Cuba

    Rudy Martinez, MAN BAKES CAKE / Via

    9. Easter Island

    Heather K. Sherman, Art2Eat Cakes, Annette Slade Photography / Via

    10. Bermuda Triangle

    Miss Insomnia Tulip, Lou Lou P's Delights / Via

    For centuries scholars and laymen alike have argued the true nature of the Bermuda Triangle. This mysterious phenomenon has baffled the most brilliant minds but today, right now, I can solve the mysteries of this terrible place.

    In the depths of our oceans, monsters rest. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, San Juan and Bermuda.

    Here lives one of the most ferocious beasts, a gargantuan squid. His flesh is blood red, his tentacles stretch for fathoms and his mouth is vast. His master, Poseidon, is however the more blood thirsty of the pairing. Hiding beneath the waves the dastardly duo

    await their prey. Unsuspecting ships and planes do not stand a chance. The massive squid is so sensitive; it can sense the poor travellers from miles away. With lightening speed it rises out of the water, Poseidon riding its tentacles.

    ...But wait...

    As if by magic some kind of aberration appears in the heavens, it’s Zeus Kitteh. He too wants his quarry and he will fight whomever to get it. With terrifying ultraviolet laser glasses Puss strikes the triangle. Zeus Kitteh’s lasers are most powerful, awakening even more horrors contained within the triangle; a maniacal alien who produces lightening abduction rays, a Godzillaesque fire breathing dragon. However the most terrifying of all has to be Barry Manilow whose demonic crooning of his 1980s hit “Bermuda Triangle” effortlessly drowns out the screams of the unfortunate souls.

    Who will decide

    11. Paris, France

    Avalon Yarnes, Avalon Cakes / Via

    12. Athens, Greece

    Liz Marek, Artisan Cake Company / Via

    Yes that is a working water fountain!

    13. Netherlands

    Jacinta Perkins, Kidacity / Via

    14. Belgium, Brussels

    Michelle Boyd, Good Gracious Cakes / Via

    15. Italy, Venice

    Callicious Cakes / Via

    16. Rome, Italy

    Myton Ouano, Antonio's Kitchen / Via

    17. Czech Republic, Prague

    Beth Mottershead, Cakes by Beth, Neil Redfern Photography / Via

    18. Santorini, Greece

    Sharon Ho, Bloom Cake Co. / Via

    19. Barcelona, Spain

    Tamsin Aston, Definitely Cake / Via

    20. Hungary

    Hajnalka Mayor, Zorica’s Cake Art by Hajnalka Mayor / Via

    21. Egypt

    Susan Trianos, Susan Trianos Custom Cakes / Via

    22. Kenya

    Hannah Glennerster, The Cake Illusionist / Via

    23. Dubai

    Jacki Fanto, Blissfully Sweet / Via

    24. The Maldives

    Kara Andretta, Kara’s Couture Cakes / Via

    25. India

    Gonzuela Bastarache, Kupkake Tree / Via

    26. Burma

    Laura Miller, Sweet As Sugar / Via

    27. Indonesia

    Ade Deni, Layers & Crumbs / Via

    28. Cambodia

    Jaime Ho, The Wicked Little Cake Company / Via

    29. Malaysia

    Sheryl Bito, BunsInTheOven Cupcakery / Via

    30. Floating Markets, Thailand

    Brenda Walton, Sugar High, Inc. / Via

    31. Mongolia

    Mallory Mae, ButterWinks! / Via

    32. Ifugao Rice Terraces, Philippines

    Mayen Orido, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen / Via

    33. Cebu City, Sinulog Festival, Philippines

    Rose de Guzman Warnick, Couture Cakes by Rose / Via

    34. China

    Kay Gajra, Kaykes / Via

    35. Moscow, Russia

    Rose Dummer, Rosie Cake-Diva / Via

    36. Japan

    Sachiko Windbiel, Mimi Cafe Union / Via

    37. Guam

    Rachel Skvaril, Fondant Flinger, Lee Lopez Photography / Via

    38. Sydney, Australia

    Alyssa Hall, Cuteology Cakes / Via

    39. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    Tim “Timbo” Sullivan, Cakes By Timbo, Randi Mason Photography / Via

    40. The North Pole

    Shawna McGreevy, McGreevy Cakes / Via

    For links to each artists Facebook page, please see this link here FACEBOOK

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