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SNP Spokesperson Thinks Government Should Apologise To Living Wage Campaign

SNP Cities Spokesperson Alison Thewliss MP slays Tory MP Andrew Bridgen and has a lot to say about the 'National Living Wage'. 'If the Honourable Members would give me a break, please.'

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The House of Commons has been debating the Budget today. Just in case you didn't spend your entire Monday watching BBC Parliament, it turns out that the SNP aren't huge fans of George Osborne's latest work.

One of the issues was the increase of the national minimum wage into a so-called 'national living wage'.

Alison Thewliss MP declared in her speech that this country needs "a real Living Wage, not some hastily badged up imitation". She went on to say that the Conservative government should apologise to the Living Wage campaign which led to a noted 'Hear Hear!' from the SNP section of the chamber.

The MP for Glasgow Central had her speech interrupted not once, not twice, not three times, but four times by various Conservative MPs.

Andrew Bridgen, Conservative MP for North West Leicestershire, was the third of these.

Apparently taking issue with Ms Thewliss' disapproval of other Budget policies, Mr Bridgen asks:

"Is there anything that she agrees with in the Budget? Does she agree with the new National Living Wage?"

Mr Bridgen then sits down, looking fairly defeated.

And a little bit disgusted.

Consider yourself slain.

This causes a bit of a to-do in the Chamber so, to be able to end her excellent speech, the SNP spokesperson fires out a classic:

"If the Honourable Members would give me a break please?"

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