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    • cakal619

      We dont hate Jews,Gypsys nor Serbs if they act normally,and respect us.Out of those three we only have a problem with Serbs when they act the way they arent supposed to(offend,trash talk,lite the national flag of Croatia up…ect.)So please stop saying that we’re fascist mentality oriented.We also didnt prohibit gays to be that way but we didnt allow marriage in our country or possibility of addoption,cause we think its too soon for our country and its moraln vaules to be changed,and we have our own choice and opinion please respect it.We’re not trying to hurt someone but that is how we think OUR country should be.We are not in a war with America,America protects our little country,and respects our decisions,if the government left us alone so should people.Besides all of this u are not comming here to live,u’r comming for a few days,our politis are not going to matter to you.

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