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Someone Made A Mash-Up Of "SMASH" And "Hamilton" On Tumblr

Let me be your star! (And your plus one if you win the lottery.)

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Some beautiful genius, who clearly loves musical theatre in a way the rest of us only dream of, has created a tumblr for all the hardcore Broadway babies out there.

Yes, friends. There now exists a tumblr featuring everyone's favorite #gonebutnotforgotten NBC show (about a show) AND Lin-Manuel Miranda's new pièce de résistance currently blowing up the Great White Way.

If you love the founding fathers, classic musicals, groundbreaking musicals,

bio-musicals, throwing drinks, or just America in general, head on over and check it out.

Seriously. It's everything you could hope for and more!*

(*except maybe winning #Ham4Ham lotto and/or getting a Season 3...)

Thank you, Alexander Smashilton.

You gave us something we didn't even know we needed.


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