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  • The 14 Most Annoying Neighbors On Television

    when i was a sophomore in college, all of my best friends decided to live together while i thought it would be a good idea to branch out and live with the roommates i met in the dorms. i ended up spending a lot of time at my friends’ place, barging in unexpectedly, raiding their fridge, hanging out on their couch when no one was home.. you know. normal things. {right…? i’m normal. don’t you tell me any different.} anyway. my friends were classifying themselves into sitcom archetypes one day {because normal people do that sort of thing} and you know what i got..?! annoying jewish neighbor! that’s right you guys. i’m the kramer, nay, the kimmy gibbler or my friends’ lives. but you know what, i think i’m ok with that. i’m in good company! here is a list of TV’s most beloved annoying neighbors.

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