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An Astronaut Told Us What It Was Like To Live In Space For Over 9 Months

"Nothing really beats going for a walk out in space."

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This is Peggy Whitson, and she said her favorite thing about being an astronaut is getting to be a part of something so much bigger than just her.

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When she was 9 years old, she saw Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin walk on the moon.

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She remembers NASA picking their first female astronauts when she was graduating high school, and her mission (pardon the pun) quickly went from a dream to a realistic goal.


Not only was going on the mission super special in and of itself, but she also got to do four more spacewalks!

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Peggy got to see the sunrise and the sunset about every 45 minutes. "What's most amazing about the spacewalk is the view."

Peggy said that on a typical day on the space shuttle, they would wake up and exercise to maintain their muscle strength.

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During the day they'd do research, tend to things like fixing the toilet (yep), or even have weekly dinner-and-a-movie dates. How fun!

Every day was a little different when she was out in space, but what Peggy said made it really special was that it became home.

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"You adapt to being in zero gravity. It's hard to give it up to come back to Earth because gravity really does suck!" LOL.

She remembered numerous women who went to meet her at the space station during her first and second missions. How cool!

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She loved the time NASA had two women commanders on orbit at the same time (yes, one of them was her).