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20 Reasons Why Football Season Is The Best Time Of The Year

Football season is EVERYTHING.

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1. Football Season means game days. And game days mean THE BEST DAYS EVER.

Game day is basically a holiday every weekend. What more could you want out of life?

2. Football season just makes you feel a certain kind of way.

~ so many feels ~

3. It's played on the perfect day of the week: Saturday.

Prepare on Friday. Game on Saturday. Recover/Mourn on Sunday.

4. College Gameday.

Need I say more?

5. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, is prettier than a football stadium.

6. Except for when the so called "visitor" beats the home team...

Then you high tail your butt out of there ASAP and don't look at it again till the following Saturday.

7. It gives you an excuse to say your school chant out loud at the top of your lungs whenever you want.

Because someone will always answer back.

8. Tailgate Food.

Your main food groups are all present: BBQ, hamburger & hot dogs, smoked sausage & corn. Yes.

9. Beer.

PBR. Natty Light. Bud Light. Budweiser. Coors Light. All the goodies.

10. It is the only time you can get away with wearing strange clothes and no one will care.

This includes painting your body.

This includes painting your body.

11. Foam freakin' fingers.

12. There aren't many things that are better than tailgating on a beautiful day.

13. Singing the national anthem with 65,000+ people.

14. You can use college football as a conversation topic with just about anyone for a solid 5 months.

15. You instantly become besties with anyone who wears your school's paraphernalia in public.

16. It gives you a legitimate excuse to party......all day.

Day drinking though. That's when you know it's real.

17. Touchdown celebrations are the best.

18. Overtime games make for the best memories.

Sometimes you can't even bear to watch you're so nervous.

19. We can't forget the game of trying to decipher what Lou Holtz is saying on ESPN

No one can understand him when he talks.

No one can understand him when he talks.

20. Awesome football rivalries.

In conclusion, college football is a way of life and nothing is much better than a good college game day.

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