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22 Secrets Air Hostesses Will Never Tell You

What happens on layovers stays on layovers.

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7. At home, we are total flakes.

Our sets of 24 hours aren’t the same as grounds-people’s, and we are always knackered, so don’t try to make plans with us. We will forget we were meant to see you, or more likely, fall asleep.


9. Our handbags are the most terrifyingly organised yet random things you will ever see.

Passport, check. Sunglasses, check. Hair gel, ENDLESS spare stockings, clear nail polish for ladder prevention, blister plasters, toothbrush, mini iron - check check check check check.

10. If you see us standing in a random spot in the cabin during lights out, we’re not really keeping an eye on you.

It’s probably just the warmest place we could find, and we’re actually watching your in-flight movie over your shoulder to stay awake.


Note: This post was written under a pseudonym.