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20 First World Problems You'll Encounter Living In North London

Ah, North London. So complex and intricate for those not in the bubble and yet so painstakingly obvious to us youths who are. One will encounter many first world problems living here, just a few specifics are outlined below. Enjoy

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1. Watching Made in Chelsea and yelling ‘OMG I’ve been there’ to the annoyance of all your Northern house mates.

2. Missing out on one of the Mahiki treasure chest straws because there are too many people on your promoter's table.

3. When someone suggests getting the arduous N20 night bus home instead of a taxi because ‘all your friends’ who live in central can’t put you up for the night.

4. Getting stuck in a conversation with people who say they spent their gap year working……………………..what?

5. Jumping onto a train at Euston as the doors are closing and frantically waking someone to ask, ‘IS THIS THE EDGWARE BRANCH!?!?!?’

6. Not having enough knee length dresses for the amount of Bat mitzvah’s you’ll be asked to that year.

7. The. Queues. At. Brent. Cross. On. Boxing. Day.

8. Being pissed off at your friends because they chose Friday night dinner over coming to Watford with you.

9. Waltzing into Lemonia in Primrose Hill, seeing lots of famous people and not being able to cope

10. Travelling to the other side of the world and the rest of North London being there with you.

11. Singing an e-petition to save ‘La Creperie de Hampstead’ (the crepe van) from being shut down but not really giving a crap. Ditto the Southbank skate park.

12. Having an awkward run in with an old chirpse in David Lloyds and desperately group imessaging your mates to relay how awkward it was.

13. Having the same car in the same colour as three of your best friends

14. Pretending to be familiar with tube stations south of the river. WTF is Oval?

15. The momentous day when Mr Baker in Hendon opened and the heart-breaking one when ‘Paint me pottery’ in Edgware shut down.

16. Seeing the year belows’ pictures on Facebook from Aiya Napa when you went the year before. TOTES EMBARRASING.

17. Always craving a shake from TinselTown but never being bothered to get off your ass and get one.

18. Stressing out about who to invite to your house in Marbs for the Summer hols because you ‘don’t want to leave her out but, 'she’s just really annoying’.

19. Never getting to enjoy a party because you spend the entire evening discussing your mutual friends with someone you bumped into when you walked through the door

20. 'Tour'

(Regardless of whether you went or not)

Oh NL, we love you!

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