How Weird Is Your Relationship With Your Cat?

How much do you really love your cat?

    1. You wake up your cat just so you can snuggle with him/her
    2. You hold your cat up in front of a mirror and say “Thats you!”
    3. You refuse to leave the house without saying goodbye to your cat
    4. You have a photo album named after your cat
    5. You have more than 15 picture of your cat in your camera roll
    6. You insist on having your cat in a your family photos
    7. You talk to your cat
    8. You talk to your cat about your problems
    9. You get jealous when your cat is interested in other people besides you
    10. You have a specific place on your bed for your cat
    11. You brag about your cat
    12. Your cat goes on walks with you
    13. You have taken multiple selfies with your cat
    14. You make tunnels out of the sheets of your bed for your cat
    15. You share the heater with your cat
    16. You feed your cat food from the dinner table
    17. You allow your cat to sit with you at the dinner table
    18. You taught your cat how to sit
    19. You taught your cat tricks
    20. You have referred yourself as your cats mom, dad, sister, brother, etc
    21. You have bought little hats or any other clothing items for your cat
    22. You sing to your cat
    23. You sleep in the same bed as your cat
    24. You have set up a box/bag specifically for your cat
    25. You tell your cat how cute they are so they don’t lose self esteem
    26. You have silly nicknames for your cat
    27. Your cat sleeps on you
    28. You watch movies/TV shows with your cat
    29. You talk about the movie/TV shows to your cat
    30. You sometimes allow other people to hold your cat
    31. You don’t let other people hold your cat
    32. Your cat has there own pillow or blanket on your bed

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