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15 Signs You're Addicted To Nutella

Some call it a hazelnut chocolate spread. You call it a way of life.

1. This is what your typical trip to the grocery store looks like.

2. You find this man to be the most attractive human on the planet.

3. You already know exactly how you'll be raising your children.

4. Your purse is always fully stocked in case you need a quick fix.

5. You genuinely like the idea of Nutella flowing through your veins.

6. When you close your eyes at night, you dream of places like this:

And this:

7. But your nightmares look something like this:

Because you would NEVER waste a single drop of that chocolatey goodness.

8. You know stealing is bad, but you find yourself admiring these criminals.

9. No matter what the labels may say, you know there is only one true hazelnut spread.

10. This looks like a perfectly balanced meal to you.

11. Your happiest moments in life revolve around Nutella.

12. Unfortunately, so do your saddest moments.

13. You know there is more than one way to enjoy this revolutionary treat...

Cushioned between two cookies:

Stuffed into your pancakes:

Melted into hot chocolate:

Or drizzled atop your cupcakes:

14. But true addicts know the best way to enjoy Nutella is straight out of the jar.

15. And even though sometimes you end up eating the ENTIRE jar, you never regret it.

Because Nutella is pure magic made in the land of yum. Start spreading, my friends.