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    • caitlinm28

      I’m “As British as Stephen Fry walking a corgi outside Buckingham Palace”. YES! But sadly, I’m American and have never been to England. My voice has been mistaken for a British accent more than once and I do love some British things. But no, I’m just awkward, overly polite, and avoid confrontation often.

    • caitlinm28

      Some of these are really good, but a lot of them are just way too much work for me.
      Like organizing my clothes into four different seasons and color coordinating hangers? Who on earth has time for that? Who has that many clothes to even justify that? There are clothes for when it’s really cold, average, and really hot. Aside from winter coats and beach-like clothes, they could all fit in “average”. If you live in an area (like me) where it can be 60 degrees on Monday and 20 on Tuesday, that system doesn’t work. Where would formal and professional clothes even fit in those seasons?

    • caitlinm28

      1 and 7) Rose eventually became an actress.Ilike to think she became an artist too, after being inspired by Jack and knowing she loved art. She probably sold the clothes she was wearing to get enough to survive on and used what she learned from Jack about how to make it on her own.
      2) Rose proved who she was by knowing who bought the necklace. Brock and his team tracked it through insurance records.
      3)Ithink she either becameaseamstress or managed to marry someone rich of her own.
      4) Of course, probably one of those “I’ll tell you later” things that never happened
      5) Repercussions?Aship that was guaranteed to not sink sank, killed over half the people on board, and the White Star Line’s reputation was mud. The last thingIwould worry about would be art that wasn’t worth much as Cal said “Picasso? He won’t amount to much, I’m telling you. At least they were cheap”.
      6) Who knows? Finished preserving everything they found out about Titanic, maybe published Rose’s story with her permission (or Lizzie’s if it was after she died), and went on to find out more about other untold storiesIthink.
      8) It’s Lizzie, andIreally hope so.
      9) If it was important, we probably would have known.Ilike to think it was someone like Jack and definitely notaCal.
      10) He told Rose about that the day after he saved her. Both his parents died when he was really young but still old enough to remember them and support himself, worked odd jobs wherever he went, learned to draw, and somehow made his way from Wisconsin to Paris.
      11) It’s at the bottom of the ocean, so maybeadeep sea creature.
      12)Ithink Jack in Heaven went to his own version of Heaven while he waited for Rose: saw his parents, hung out with Fabrizio, lived the life that he wished he had with Rose. Then when Rose died, they hadaperfect romance and got to do anything they wanted to do because it’s Heaven.
      Some things I’m dying to know:
      1) Did Fabrizio’s mother know what happened to him? His name wouldn’t be on any records of Titanic passenger’s because his ticket said either Olaf or Sven. Jack told Fabrizio he wouldn’t see his mother foralong time, so clearly he loved his mother. It’s not like he had time to tell his mother goodbye, the ship left five minutes after they won the tickets.
      2) What was Olaf and Sven’s life once it was announced they boarded the Titanic and died? Did they use their faked deaths to their advantage? They seemed kinda shady and would do that.

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