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    8 Must-Have Looks For The 2015 Bride

    In the age of Pinterest, there are about 10,135,845 different things you can do with your hair for your wedding day. Luckily, Paige Clifton of PSC Hair Artistry based in the Washington, DC area came up with her 8 favorites for this season. Whether your hair is short, long, crazy curly or straight- we've got you covered! Take a look at some of these amazing styles for the spring and fall wedding seasons! (Complete with some flower crowns, of course.)

    1. The Classic Curl

    CJK Visuals / Via

    You can't go wrong with some classic curls. Long hair and loose curls are great for the bride getting married outdoors. To fancy up the look, invest in a gorgeous headpiece to add some glam to a laid back and easy going look.

    2. The Sweetest Swirl

    CJK Visuals / Via

    A classic look from the from, with a surprising twist in the back. Beautifully pinned swirls of hair tucked on top of each other for this classic bridal look.

    3. The Modern Day Princess

    CJK Visuals / Via

    Princess hairstyles- those two words going into a web search alone will come up with some scarily cheesy results- but this Princess-inspired hair style is one that will remain timeless and beautiful! Rather than wearing a headpiece or crown on the top of your head, pull it over to the side and pin back half of your hair for a gorgeous twist on the normal loose curled hairstyle.

    4. The Perfect Up I-Do

    CJK Visuals / Via

    Another take on a traditional hair style, this up do adds volume with a twist (literally) and is the perfect style for a long, showstopping veil! Perfect for the bride who has inpecable accessory style (i.e. those gorgeous blue drop earrings!)

    5. The Bigger-is-Better Flower Crown

    CJK Visuals / Via

    Flower crowns are one of the most popular accessories this spring when it comes to brides. While most brides will opt for a smaller crown, why not be different and go big!? With a laid back, loose curled hairstyle, the flower crown makes for an even softer, more colorful bridal look.

    6. The New Classic

    CJK Visuals / Via

    Pair this traditional updo with a gorgeous hair piece (seen in the bride's hair above) and some dark, smokey eye make up and you've got a twist on what used to be a very traditional hair style! This is perfect for the bride that's getting married in a city AND going out on the town after the reception ends!

    7. The Bad Romance

    CJK Visuals / Via

    Pops of red mixed with a classic hair do that would make Jay Gatsby swoon? That's the Bad Romance for you! This swirled hairstyle goes great with any bridal look that involves furs, tuxedos, and all things glam.

    8. The Boho Braided Beauty

    CJK Visuals / Via

    This is the perfect summer-do for the outdoorsy bohemian bride. The updo keeps you from getting too hot with all that hair down around your neck, but the braids and loose curls falling down add to the laid back and wanderlusty vibe to your bridal look.

    All makeup by Ashley Taylor, photos by Caitlin Kellagher of CJK Visuals, planning by Pop the Cork Designs, florals by Les Fleurs, gowns by Enaura Bridal and Truvelle Bridal

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