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    George Lucas Eating Alone In A Food Court Is The Most Relatable Thing Ever

    We have so many questions.

    On Wednesday, Twitter user Gabrielle Fusco uploaded this picture of George Lucas chilling and eating some noodles in a food court in Adelaide, South Australia.

    that moment u realise Jar Jar Binks was an abomination, and your noodles have gone cold #GeorgeLucas #Adelaide

    Yes, THE George Lucas. The one who created Star Wars and Indiana Jones. You may have heard of him.

    Fusco tweeted that she didn't approach Lucas...

    ...but people still have a lot of questions.

    Like, why did he opt for such a cheap meal when he's literally worth billions?

    Does this mean he's a regular person now?

    And why would he even venture to Adelaide in the first place?

    What a time.