16 Killer "Scream Queens" Premiere Quotes That Will Get You Hooked

    "OK Pissy Spacek".

    1. When Chanel Oberlin greeted the Kappa Kappa Tau pledges with a not-so-warm welcome.

    2. When sorority sister Sophia gave birth in a bathtub but didn't even know she was pregnant.

    3. And when Bethany refused to help her because TLC was playing.

    4. When Chanel Oberlin was pissed about new rules stating any ~regular~ person could join her once-exclusive sorority.

    5. And when she was totally unimpressed with her pledge class.

    6. When Chanel No. 2 wasn't spooked by a creepy-ass collage created by the sorority housekeeper.

    7. When Chad Radwell let his ex Chanel Oberlin know how in demand he is.

    8. When Chanel Oberlin had some rather harsh words for pledge Hester Ulrich (behind her back, of course).

    9. And when she refused to accept a compliment because she already knows she's at the top of her game.

    10. When frat bro Chad Radwell just wanted to play some golf with his buddy Boone.

    11. When Chanel Oberlin delivered this impeccable insult.

    12. And when she made it VERY clear no one should ever mess with her.

    13. When Dean Munsch was upfront with her feelings about Chanel Oberlin and her sorority.

    14. When Zayday Williams called out her sorority sisters for being ratchet AF after they agreed to hide a body.

    15. When Chanel Oberlin secretly spat in Grace Gardner's coffee after she called her "pathetic".

    16. And when she insulted her pledge class using the power of dugongs.