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We Tried Making The Viennetta On A Stick After Everyone Lost Their Shit Over The Idea

Now you don't have to wait!

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This week, the internet went wild for Viennetta on a stick, which is apparently a thing that exists now, somewhere.

Instagram: @bobbijodivitini / Australian Women's Weekly / Daily Mail / / Via

Viennetta is usually served in one big slab for sharing. But Aussies have been asking for the single serve stick ever since Instagram photos of it popped up around the world.

We decided to ask Streets if they were actually planning on bringing the single-serve size to Oz, and they basically told us it's a maybe:

"Streets are looking to bring Viennetta on a stick to Australia, following an overwhelming response from the public to this week’s launch of the product overseas."

Streets also uploaded a DIY solution to their Facebook, for people who just can't wait.

The method is pretty easy: cut a small piece and put a stick in the middle. But my first attempt was a complete MESS.

Caitlin Jinks / BuzzFeed

Because of how the layers are separated, the stick just split the cake in two.