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47 Thoughts I Had During The Premiere Of "Australia's Next Top Model"

Season 9 has begun. Expect crying and a lot of hugging.

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1. YES, there's Tyra Banks. Good start.

2. She just asked Australia "what's up," she's so hip.

3. She's promising this will be the fiercest season yet. We'll see.

4. Here are the contestants, yes, hello.

5. They all seem to be really, really, ridiculously good looking.

6. And tall.

7. Why aren't there any guys on this season like America's Next Top Model?

8. Australia is so behind on everything.

9. One girl just claimed she was "born to model." Standard.

10. Here comes host and former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins.

11. Is she even real?

12. Did that girl just say she "crapped" herself when she saw Jennifer?

13. Yes, she definitely said that.

14. Okay, first challenge is up, everyone has to walk down the catwalk, no biggie.

15. Wait, why do they all seem surprised? It's a modelling show, what else did they think they would be doing?


16. Did that girl just say she's never worn heels before?

17. If you know you're going to be on a modelling show, wouldn't you at least try a pair of heels on at some point?

18. This contestant is walking a little odd, are her shoes okay?

19. Nope, they're not.

20. She's about to snap her ankle.

21. This looks really, really painful.

22. Wow, she's still walking and powering through like a boss. I like her. Give her the crown or whatever the prize is.

23. Is that Alessandra Ambrosio?

24. YES IT IS.

25. She looks like an angel in those ripped jeans, ugh.

26. That's nice, she's going to help coach the contestants during a photo shoot.

27. Did she just tell the aspiring models to "get prettier than you are already?"

28. Yes, she did.

29. Is someone crying already?

30. Why is that other girl crying?

31. So many tears.


32. Why does everyone keep reminding this one contestant about how short she is?

33. A "short girl" won the last season of Australia's Next Top Model, so there's probably a lesson here.

34. YES, judging time, the best time.

35. More tears.

36. Stop with the tears.

37. Everyone looks super serious.

38. Jennifer and co-host Alex Perry, aka sunglasses man, have their game faces on.

39. Aw, Western Australian girl Kaitlyn is the first to go.

40. She's crying.

41. Everyone looks really sad but they're probably just glad it wasn't them.

42. That's nice, Jennifer is hugging Kaitlyn and telling her to "breathe" which is actually a very important thing to remember tbh.

43. Here comes the group hug.

44. And some dramatic music.

45. More hugging.

46. Kaitlyn is exiting gracefully.

47. Everyone it totally glad they're down one person now, you can totally tell.