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31 Australian Tattoo Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

There's a lot of talent Down Under.

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1. Kegan Hawkins, Newcastle

The majority of pieces by Kegan are ridiculously realistic and just down right pretty to look at.

2. Terence Tait, Cairns

You'll find a nice mix of colour along with black and white works here.

3. Dylan Weber, Sydney

There are a lot of stunning portraits on this feed, including everything from Robin Williams to Jack Sparrow.

4. Chris Veness, Sydney

Chris' style is incredibly colourful and just so damn nice.

5. James Mckenna, Fremantle

Red is an obvious theme in James' work, which is also a little old school.

6. Lauren Winzer, Sydney

Lauren's art is infectiously girly as well as beautiful and she's even tattooed the likes of Miley Cyrus. She also has the most adorable fluffy dogs you've ever seen, so there's also that.

7. Ryan Thompson, Melbourne

There are so many wonderful black and white works here, along with a lot of large arm and back pieces.

8. Benjamin Laukis, Melbourne

If Snape can't sway you, nothing else will.

9. Clare Hampshire, Brunswick

Clare's work is sweet and cute and that's all you really need from life tbh.

10. Jessica Swaffer, Melbourne

There's a really nice old school vibe around Jessica's work.

11. David Nash, Gold Coast

If realistic tattoos are right up your alley then you've hit the jackpot.

12. Daniel Clark, Melbourne

If Gandalf didn't already give it away, there's a bunch of pop culture-related tattoos waiting for you here.

13. Drew Shallis, Central Coast

Drew has a great quirky, colourful vibe going on, if you couldn't already tell by the mustached man with a lobster claw.

14. Harley Kirkwood, Newcastle

You'll find a lot of great portraits on this profile, including everything from celebrities to clients' family members.

15. Jasmin Austin, Fremantle

There's definitely a floral theme going on here and it's just divine.

16. Kris Sunkee, Melbourne

Kris' work will make you wish you paid more attention in art class.

17. Matthew Bumer Joyce, Adelaide

There's so much colour on this profile and basically it's just damn stunning.

18. Zane Donnellan, Central Coast

If pop culture references are your thing, you're going to feel right at home here.

19. Teneile Napoli, Brisbane

Teneile's feed has a nice balance between her personal life and her art, so you'll be able to learn a little more about the artist behind the pieces featured.

20. Matt Cunnington, Brisbane

There's a lot of full-body pieces here as well as intricate designs that you won't be able to look away from.

21. David Olteanu, Terrigal

David's feed features more drawings than tattoos, but either way, it's still all stunning to look at.

22. Matty D Mooney, Melbourne

Another tattooist with great work AND cute dogs. That's how you nail the whole social media thing.

23. Kat Weir, Melbourne

Why wouldn't you want more Malibu Barbie and Hello Kitty in your Insta feed?

24. Lauren Fenlon, Melbourne

Lauren has a really fun mix of portraits and pop culture, A+ Insta game.

25. Jordan Hooper, Hobart

If you want your feed to be a little more vibrant, give Jordan a follow.

26. Mick Squires, Melbourne

Mick's work is so beautiful you'll probably have to log off in order to avoid booking 50 tattoo appointments.

27. Melanie Milne, Sydney

Melanie's work is too cute to handle and you just can't say no to cute things.

28. Pari Corbitt, Fremantle

If you love black ink, this is the feed for you.

29. Emily Rose Murray, Melbourne

If you're into a steady mix of stunning tattoos and adorable dogs, Emily will be your new fave.

30. Ben Thomas, Melbourne

Ben often includes Insta videos of his work so you can get a better idea of how they look up close.

31. Jacob Gardner, Gold Coast

This whole page is literally a work of art, you'll be mesmerised.