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    4 Aug 2015

    17 Times Jessica Mauboy Was A Style Queen On Instagram

    Can she take us shopping? Please?

    1. When she looked like she was about to walk onto a runway with her red lipstick and leather jacket.

    2. When she made you realise floral patterns are totally her thing.

    3. When she blew you a kiss and you were all about her sunglasses.

    4. When she stepped out in block colours and you were totally feeling it.

    5. When this ridiculously beautiful dress was simply EVERYTHING.

    6. When she kept things simple in denim shorts while waving the Northern Territory flag.

    7. When this pink dress literally couldn't have suited her more perfectly.

    8. When she was casually on the cover of Elle Australia and oh lord she looked stunning.

    9. When she managed to make donuts and tea look fashionable AF.

    10. When she rocked this ensemble and you wanted her to be your BFF on shopping trips.

    11. When she was chilling with Lisa and Karl and you wanted to discreetly steal her shoes.

    12. When she showed off her Mardi Gras outfit and you'd never seen sequins look so good.

    13. When Uluru was breathtaking but all you could look at was her chic dress and flawless hair.

    14. When her eyebrows and nails were so on point you couldn't help but be jealous.

    15. When she rocked a suit and leopard heels like nobody else on the planet.

    16. When this blue and white striped combo gave you LIFE.

    17. And when you really wanted to just raid her wardrobe because seriously, THAT dress.

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