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    This Woman's Tattoo Sparked An Inspiring Self-Love Movement

    "You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health."

    Just over six months ago, Melbourne artist Frances Cannon got the words "self love club" tattooed on her arm, and shared the image to her 64,000 Instagram followers.

    After she got the artwork, similar tattoos started popping up all over Instagram, starting a self-love movement.

    Cannon told BuzzFeed the tattoo began as something personal, but she eventually decided to invite other people to join the club, creating a set of group "rules".

    The "rules" include being kind to your body and taking care of your mental health.

    The message is all about understanding and loving yourself while also showing other people respect.

    Cannon says she is surprised at how popular the club has gotten, and would eventually like to meet up with some of the members who are "loving and accepting of themselves".

    "I think the world is ready for change, and a lot of people are striving to live a life where they accept and love themselves. It's about time!"