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    This Woman Got A Harambe Tattoo After Making A Twitter Bet

    "No regrets at all."

    Laura Lux is an Australian DJ who lives in Los Angeles.

    Instagram: @darthlux / Via

    This week she posted a photo of her new leg tattoo, a tribute to Harambe, the gorilla who died.

    Twitter: @djlauralux / Via Twitter: @djlauralux

    Lux committed to the tattoo after posting this tweet to her 84,000-plus Twitter followers.

    Twitter: @djlauralux / Via Twitter: @djlauralux

    Lux told BuzzFeed the idea came to her after a friend dared her to get the tattoo.

    Instagram: @darthlux / Via

    "I had been posting Harambe memes nonstop," she said, "and my friend dared me to get a tattoo of him, so I said if I got 2,000 retweets, I would."

    Because of her large following, Lux was "pretty confident it'd happen".

    Twitter: @jamiek_gooner / Via Twitter: @jamiek_gooner

    "I got my other friends with big accounts to push it too. It hit the mark pretty quickly... No regrets at all."

    She has been receiving some criticism, but says "dumb tattoos are fun" because they make her laugh, and "it's not like it's an ex-boyfriend's name".

    Twitter: @djlauralux / Via Twitter: @KasieThompson

    "It's so funny to me that people even make a big deal out of this kind of thing," she said. "I'm already covered in tattoos and most of them don't really mean shit."

    Twitter: @katheerinegrace / Via Twitter: @katheerinegrace

    There are also plenty of people who seem to think the tattoo is pretty great.

    Twitter: @djlauralux / Via Twitter: @Jeffy_ray
    Twitter: @djlauralux / Via Twitter: @IRockThe732
    Twitter: @EDMAssassin / Via Twitter: @EDMAssassin

    "My Harambe tattoo is stupid AF but I love that," she said. "Life doesn't have to be so serious all the time."

    Twitter: @jamiek_gooner / Via Twitter: @jamiek_gooner

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