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    This Man Is Mates With A Shark Who Loves Cuddles

    Not everything in the ocean wants to kill you.

    Rick Anderson is a professional diver from Rick's Diving School in Port Macquarie, Australia. He also just so happens to have an adorable friendship with a shark.

    Rick told BuzzFeed it all started when he came across some freshly hatched Port Jackson sharks about seven years ago, and started playing with one to show his diving students how friendly sharks can be.

    "From then on the shark would return to the area each summer and approach me for a tickle and cuddle," Rick says.

    "It got to the point that if I didn't notice her, she would come out and tap me on the legs until I held out my arms for a cuddle, often to the amazement of my students. I saw her just before Christmas too."

    Although this shark has been friendly for seven years, Rick says you should be careful when approaching marine animals: "They're all wild animals and they'll let you know if they don't want to be handled. If you touch some of them, you can also wipe off their protective layers of skin."

    Moral of the story: sharks are cute too. 💙

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