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    This 10-Year-Old Boy Ran Away From Home After His Mum Deleted Pokémon Go

    "When are you coming home?" "Never."

    Scottish teen Stephanie McIntyre uploaded a video to Twitter this week, telling the story of how her 10-year-old brother ran away from home after their mum deleted his Pokémon Go app.

    Ten year old little brother ran away from home because my mum deleted Pokemon go😂😭

    Twitter: @stephanie_1606 / Via Twitter: @stephanie_1606

    In the video, 16-year-old Stephanie follows her brother Kyle as he tries to run away, his possessions with him.

    People are loving the tweet, which has since gone viral.

    @stephanie_1606 fucking love this omg 😂😂

    @stephanie_1606 This is exactly how dramatic I am about life 😂😂😂😂

    @stephanie_1606 i think he's starting his travel to become the pokemon master lol

    Stephanie told BuzzFeed her mum deleted Pokémon Go because they didn't know the login details anymore, and, as a result, "Kyle obviously thought it was best to leave home".

    It turns out Kyle is fine and has since returned home after running away to his grandparents' house.

    Stephanie hasn't spoken to her brother much since the incident, but she thinks the whole thing was "hilarious".

    She also added that Kyle now has the Pokémon Go app again.