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This 10-Year-Old Boy Ran Away From Home After His Mum Deleted Pokémon Go

"When are you coming home?" "Never."

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Scottish teen Stephanie McIntyre uploaded a video to Twitter this week, telling the story of how her 10-year-old brother ran away from home after their mum deleted his Pokémon Go app.

Ten year old little brother ran away from home because my mum deleted Pokemon go😂😭

People are loving the tweet, which has since gone viral.

@stephanie_1606 fucking love this omg 😂😂

@stephanie_1606 This is exactly how dramatic I am about life 😂😂😂😂


@stephanie_1606 i think he's starting his travel to become the pokemon master lol

Stephanie told BuzzFeed her mum deleted Pokémon Go because they didn't know the login details anymore, and, as a result, "Kyle obviously thought it was best to leave home".