This Drag King’s David Bowie Looks Are Incredible

Because you can never have enough Bowie in your life.

1. This is 28-year-old drag king Nikki Boudreau, and she has some pretty damn impressive David Bowie looks up her sleeve.

2. Nikki, who lives in California, did her first drag performance a couple of weeks after Bowie died early last year.

3. “Bowie’s death felt very personal to me like it did for a lot of people,” she told BuzzFeed. “His music has been a big part of my life for years.”

4. Most of her looks are from the early-to-mid ’70s, but she also does a mean version of the Goblin King from the ’80s.

5. She says that some of her outfits can take weeks to complete, because it takes a while to design patterns and track down the right accessories: “Then it’s a lot of trial and error for the actual construction.”

6. “There are so many layers to why I love doing Bowie drag. So much of drag is about playing with ideas about identity and gender, and Bowie is such a great subject for that.”

“Also as a woman it’s just really fun to embody a male rock star persona.”

7. Nikki has also experimented with other drag looks inspired by late rock stars, including Prince.

8. “I would highly encourage anyone considering drag to just go out there and do it. See if your local clubs and bars have a drag night. You would be surprised at how many towns have a drag scene.”

9. You can find more of Nikki’s work here.

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Caitlin Jinks is an Editorial Coordinator for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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