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    There Was A Mini-"Cruel Intentions" Reunion And It Was Everything

    You definitely still remember THAT kiss.

    Everyone remembers the iconic 1999 film, Cruel Intentions.

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    If you don't, your entire life has been a lie.

    It featured a baby Reese Witherspoon.

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    An incredibly badass performance from Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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    And of course, THAT famous kiss with Selma Blair.

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    FYI the kiss was so iconic they even won a MTV Movie Award, which is very prestigious and should be taken seriously.

    Proving the '90's will never die, the three leading ladies just had a mini-reunion at the Cruel Intentions musical.

    What?!!??? @RWitherspoon @SelmaBlair #CruelIntentionsMusical #CruelIntentions

    Sixteen years later and they still look happy to see one another.

    Let's do this! #CruelIntentionsMusical #90sflashback

    Sarah also posted a throwback snap with Cruel Intentions director Roger Kumble for his birthday.

    And so did Selma.

    By the looks of things, the ladies fully approve of the musical.

    Earlier this year, Sarah even posted some footage of the show and labelled it "insanely good".

    A true classic never dies.

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