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20 Things Siblings With A 10-Year Age Gap Will Know

No, that's not my kid, that's my sister.

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1. You were probably a little shocked when you first found out you'd be getting a new brother or sister.

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Parents are too old and gross to being doing the deed.

2. You felt a little nervous about having a new addition in the household.


3. You clearly remember when they were born.

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You were also probably chuffed to hold them for the first time.

4. You couldn't help but feel a little jealous and didn't really get what all of the baby fuss was about.

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"The attention should still be on me tbh."

5. But then you realised how fun they could be.

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And how cute.

6. You watch A LOT of children's shows.


7. ...and there's a select few you secretly love.


Probably because you forced them upon your little brother and/or sister.

8. In fact, you get really excited about introducing your sibling to television shows they've never seen.


9. ...and bands they've probably never even heard of.

"Let me show you what real music is all about."
Caitlin Jinks / Via BuzzFeed

"Let me show you what real music is all about."

10. You feel really, really old when you meet your younger siblings friends.


11. ...and you don't really understand any of their interests.


Which makes you feel pretty out of touch.

12. You get really proud about their achievements.

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13. You like to think you're mature and wise so you often dish out advice.


Even if it isn't exactly helpful.

14. You're really jealous they get to have childhood fun while you have to deal with the real world.


Being an adult is DUMB.

15. Despite the big age gap, you still manage to fight.

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16. ...but if anyone tries to hurt your little brother and/or sister, you get really protective.


17. You can't wait until they're old enough to actually hang out with.


It'll be so nice to go to a cute cafe rather than a playground.

18. When special occasions roll around, you never know what to buy them.

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19. People always assume your sibling is your kid.

"Nope, not my offspring, I'm just babysitting."
Caitlin Jinks / Via Instagram

"Nope, not my offspring, I'm just babysitting."

20. But most of all, you love them, and no age gap could ever change that.