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    America, It's Time You Embraced The Sausage Sizzle

    Listen up.

    America, we hate to break it to you, but you've been doing this whole meat and bread thing wrong.

    While we understand that you love a good ol' hot dog, you've been missing out.

    Yes, it's time for you all to embrace the SAUSAGE SIZZLE 🙌.

    What's a sausage sizzle, you ask? Oh, just a KEY ELEMENT of Australian culture, NBD.

    Sausage sizzles generally happen during summer in large spaces (car parks and ovals are PERFECT).

    You can even get them at the local hardware store on the weekend.

    Sometimes they're even free because we're a bloody nice country.

    Basically, sausage sizzles are one of the best things to come out of Australia.

    While it might look ~simple~, there's truly an art to it.

    You need an Aussie sausage (and not that awful-looking red dog), plain white bread...

    ... tomato or barbeque sauce (NOT mustard), and, if you're feeling fancy, LOTS of onion.

    It's truly a blessing from the taste gods.

    And it can be created in bulk which is efficient AF.

    Trust us America. You won't look back.

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