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    Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Just As Confused About This "Grease" Theory As You Are

    "Wait, what?"

    On Thursday, Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a popular fan theory about Grease.

    Facebook: sarahmichellegellar

    The theory, which came about in 2013, originates from Reddit user atomicbolt. In a nutshell, the theory claims that Sandy drowned at the start of the film, and everything was just a fantasy.

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    Yeah, it's dark, right? Turns out Sarah is just as confused as you are about the whole thing.

    Facebook: Sarah Michelle Gellar / Via Facebook: sarahmichellegellar

    But not everyone was buying the theory, with a few commenters pointing out some flaws.

    But some were totally into it.

    Maybe this is just another ~mystery~ the Scooby Gang will have to solve.

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