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    Sam Frost Has Hit Back At People Who Body Shamed Her On Instagram

    "The comments that I received were absolutely appalling."

    Sam Frost recently shared this Instagram photo of herself enjoying the long weekend.

    Users commented on the image, calling the 26-year-old gross and a bad role model because of her body shape. Frost deleted the comments and blocked users who body shamed her.

    During hosting duties on 2DayFM on Tuesday morning, Frost opened up about the comments and their impact.

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    "The comments that I received were absolutely appalling, people were saying that I looked disgusting and gross and I'm a bad role model because I'm so thin. It immediately changed my mood, I was having a great time, then I was trying not to cry because I just think, how are people so horrible?"

    She added that the comments could also be harmful for her young fans.

    2DayFM / Via

    "I've got young girls following me, I do like to think I'm a good role model and I don't think them seeing comments like that is helpful, I don't think it's positive for anyone involved."

    The Bachelorette Australia star is constantly encouraging people, particularly young girls, to love themselves. Last year she shared this makeup-free photo with no edits and no filter.

    She also criticised Maxim magazine for using old photos of her and photoshopping them.

    Never stop fighting the good fight, Sam.

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