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Sam Frost Has Hit Back At People Who Body Shamed Her On Instagram

"The comments that I received were absolutely appalling."

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During hosting duties on 2DayFM on Tuesday morning, Frost opened up about the comments and their impact.

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"The comments that I received were absolutely appalling, people were saying that I looked disgusting and gross and I'm a bad role model because I'm so thin. It immediately changed my mood, I was having a great time, then I was trying not to cry because I just think, how are people so horrible?"


She added that the comments could also be harmful for her young fans.

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"I've got young girls following me, I do like to think I'm a good role model and I don't think them seeing comments like that is helpful, I don't think it's positive for anyone involved."

The Bachelorette Australia star is constantly encouraging people, particularly young girls, to love themselves. Last year she shared this makeup-free photo with no edits and no filter.