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Ruby Rose Is Pissed Off At Websites For Taking Quotes Out Of Context

"I don't know why people can't just use actual quotes from the article."

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Ruby Rose has taken to Instagram to vent her frustrations over sites seemingly taking her quotes out of context.
I'm a fan of all these publications and the 100s of others that have used bizarre click bait headlines and taken a really light hearted funny interview with @galore out of context... But I literally don't "hate anything" "I don't think airport fashion is trash" "Nor do I think I turned anyone anything" I just answered the questions asked ... Just read the link from Galore I'll put in my bio. I said everything is a blessing, everything is complimentary and I don't take it seriously. Also that I found Channing Tatum really hot in magic mike but sadly I didn't turn straight. 🙈😝.. I also named basically all my friends who are perfect looking all the time and said I'm trash at the airport and they are heaven. So I don't know why people can't just use actual quotes from the article.. Why make a positive article a negative jab. I think everyone is somewhere on the Kinsey scale.. So to make headlines ( most people don't bother reading the rest ) appear like I'm shaming people about their sexuality or like I have any right to claim to know others sexuality is dangerous. I HOPE EVERYONE IS GAY THEN I CAN MEET TONNES OF GAY BABES!! Gay gay gay gay gay gay gay. Blah!

The 30-year-old recently took part in an interview and photo shoot for Galore, which is where Rose claims these "clickbait" articles are allegedly coming from.

Ellen Von Unwerth / GALORE / Via

Rose also used Twitter earlier in the week to vent similar frustrations.

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